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Spring Season 2021 

IFC enthusiastically presents our Spring Season 2021 Virtual Performance


Our Spring Season 2021 was the most interesting and challenging season IFC has experienced in her choral history!

At our rehearsal venue, VOS, we began the 14-week season rehearsing in groups of 30 with 5 choristers at a time singing live and unmasked. Remaining choristers met in numerous home groups for home rehearsals. Seven weeks into the season, island protocols changed and we had 5 weeks of glorious live singing, 30 masked choristers at a time. In those short weeks, we completed learning our repertoire and prepared for our virtual performance recording sessions. We completed two recording sessions before protocols changed again, and we reverted to only 2 singers being allowed to record.

What a challenge!  However, with the hard work of our excellent section leaders, our accompanist, our conductor, and the commitment and enthusiasm of our members, we were able to complete 5 weeks of recording sessions and produce an excellent virtual performance featuring three of our repertoire pieces.

Featured from our YouTube channel are three pieces: We Rise Again, The Road Not Taken, sung by the IFC Chamber Choir, and Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around. Each of these songs touches something deep in our souls about connecting with one another, rising above pandemic sorrows, and expressing longings within. 

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