Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.

- Maria von Trapp



Chaz Lively

Since Day One everyone at IFC has been nothing but supportive and welcoming as theyhelped me learn and grow in this very fun world of singing. One that I'm now enjoying quite a lot!
This is a community first and foremost, and one that I've been so happy to become a part of.

IFC exists specifically for people wanting an excellent choral experience in an international setting. We are a choral family who inspire and engage our community with our passion for singing and performing.


IFC is a non-auditioned chorus, however, we hold interviews with prospective members to ensure basic singing skills. Prospective members may attend a regular rehearsal to get a feel for the IFC experience. 


Choral interviews with the conductor are held by appointment in May/June and Aug/Sept: 


  • Determine your vocal range, voice part and pitch matching

  • Sing a song of your choosing, or a simple song provided on site  (our accompanist will be present to assist)

  • Introduce yourself briefly

  • Fill out the membership expression of interest HERE

  • Interview is private with the IFC conductor, Tom Anderson

  • After the interview, an IFC section leader will contact you to confirm your attendance and interview

  • In order to follow government trends and directives, all singers invited to join IFC for the 2021-2022 season are asked to confidentially indicate their Covid-19 vaccination status on the registration form.


  • IFC usually holds two performance seasons with concerts in May and December

  • Spring season is January to May with a concert in May with rehearsals starting in January

  • The chorus usually breaks for the summer months, June-July and resumes rehearsals in August for the winter season

  • Winter season rehearsals are August to December with a concert in December

Our Covid-19 world

With current government and MOH guidelines all members must be fully vaccinated to participate in weekly rehearsals, which are live and unmasked. 


Rehearsals: Every Tuesday, 7:30 - 9:30 pm

Venue:  St George's Hall, 44 Minden Road, SG 248816


Member expectations

  • Singers must be able to match pitch

  • Rehearsal attendance

    • Members are expected to attend all rehearsals

    • Minimum of 60% attendance is expected for concert participation

    • Final 3 rehearsals are critical as these focus on concert readiness

    • Attendance at the dress rehearsal is mandatory

  • Travel and illness absences are understood and excused

  • When absent, members communicate in advance with section leaders

  • Registration fees are S$170 per season; S$100 concession for seniors and students

  • Music scores are distributed digitally or at the first rehearsal

  • Members should print their own scores and place in a binder or folder suitable for choral rehearsals

  • Singers are responsible for purchasing their own concert attire

    • Men usually wear a long-sleeved, collared, black Oxford shirt with tie

    • Women usually wear a long black skirt / dress trousers and blouse

    • Details are shared with choristers at the start of each season

Thank you for your interest in singing with International Festival Chorus!

We look forward to being in touch with you soon!  If you have additional questions, please contact us at

If you're ready, register your interest here


Registration for the August to December 2022 season is now closed

Please contact us here for inquiries.



From ticket sales to administrative assistance, to logistics, we need non-singing volunteers!


Our non-singing 5th Section volunteers are an important part of the IFC family. Each season, particularly near the concert event, there are a ton of opportunities available to people (friends, family, etc.) who want to get involved in helping the chorus.


To volunteer, fill out this registration form and tell us you want to join the 5th Section. We are keen to expand our choir community and would love to welcome new participants! Your interest is greatly appreciated!