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Look at the World
22 May 2022

The IFC Spring Season 2022 featured beautiful songs of creation, joy, and emergence...

Sops Spring 2022.jpg

Held at the Lee Foundation Theatre of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, the concert signalled IFC's return to the stage after nearly 3 years. For many of our members who joined and stuck with us during seasons of COVID restrictions, this was the first time performing for a live audience.

Children Choir Fun.jpg

Joined by the pure voices of the Christus Cantorus Children's Choir under the direction of Joanna Paul, and with the soulful accompaniment of members from the Canadian International School Stage Band, the chorus' energy carried the audience through vales of contemplation and crests of celebration with a varied repertoire spanning Renaissance pieces, madrigals and motets, to the most contemporary composers writing choral music today. 

Visit our youtube channel for excerpts from our performance

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