IFC Spring SEASON 2021

Expressions of the Soul

Songs on themes of home, family, loss, overcoming, community.

23 February to 25 May 2021

Dear Choristers,

Welcome to IFC Spring Seasion 2021 "Expressions of the Soul". We are very excited to have the opportunity to sing live during IFC Spring Season 2021 starting from 23 February.  The season will conclude with a virtual choir production featuring our repertoire.


Even though we are not yet 'back to normal' musically, it is a step up from last season and an opportunity to bring the IFC music family back together for rehearsal and performance preparation.


Registration for new joiners for this season is closed.

Contact us if you would like to get in touch about our next seasons.

Please find below some additional information on this upcoming seasons, rehearsal arrangements etc.

We look forward to seeing you soon


23 February to 25 May 2021

Rehearsal every Tuesday

7:30pm to 9:30pm


VOS - Voices of Singapore
Adelphi #03-31/32/33

1 Coleman Street, S179803

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& Auxiliary Rehearsal Venues at IFC member homes


Registration for the season is closed

Follow our blog for news.

Important Safety Information regarding Covid19

  • Singers will be assigned a rehearsal venue in order to group sections together as best as possible.

  • Season participants are encouraged to attend the live rehearsal for your group - if you are unable or have health concerns, please notify your section leader.

  • AT VOS, we have 2 rooms, and procedures are as follows:

    • one rehearsal studio accommodating 5 people, singing unmasked watching via Zoom.

    • A 2nd rehearsal studio accommodating 30 people; 5 singing unmasked, and 25 observing participants.

    • 5 singers of the same section (S or A or T or B) will sing at a time.

    • Observing participants will not be passive, but will be included as actively as possible, making score notes, practicing rhythms, and speaking portions of the section being worked on by the 5 singers.

    • We will have 2 rotations of 40-45 minutes

    • At the end of each rotation, we will switch groups, giving 20 people the opportunity to sing live alongside other choristers.

  • At home venues, rehearsal will proceed as follows:

    • Groups of up to 8 guests can meet in a home - limited to 5 unmasked singers at a time.

    • Home groups, where possible, will consist of same section singers, S or A or T or B.

    • Home groups will tune in to the main rehearsal via Zoom and will rehearse parallel to the central venue.

    • Where possible, home venues will have a live leader/accompanist playing parts live in the home location.

    • Alternatively, there will be .mp3 audio files to play on devices for accompaniment.

  • Repertoire will be made available via softcopy. PDF on the IFC GoogleDrive. (IFC members are kindly asked not to share repertoire resources outside of the chorus in view of copyright standards & best practice.)