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Rehearsal #6 - March 30

Dear Friends,

Men of the tenor and bass sections, congrats to each of those attending at VOS last week for a very positive and productive rehearsal! The men are well-positioned for the 2nd instalment of our TB rehearsals. I look forward to finishing up what we started last week.

By now you have probably heard the exciting news that is stirring in the arts community about the next stage of opening up the arts. Here is the link to the latest National Arts Council Advisory, Increased Capacity for the Arts. The most significant news for the choral community is that people can now sing while wearing a mask. This is a game-changer and indubitably impacts IFC. While there will be no changes for rehearsal this Tuesday, the administrative committee is meeting Monday to discuss the impact and potential changes to our current season. Stay tuned . . . we will be in touch with you as soon as discussion and decisions are considered.

Choral disciplines

The past 2 weeks we've discussed choral disciplines in IFC and what members consider 'good' choral disciplines. Here's our list so far.

  • Watch conductor

  • Practice active listening

  • Control of individual volume (vocal blending)

  • Mindful of phrasing & breathing

  • Commitment - to organization and each other

  • Preparation - of music and mind

  • Respect - of one another, leadership, the music

This is an excellent list! We will continue to develop this list, our awareness, and more importantly, our practice of these disciplines over the weeks ahead.

Phase 2 reminder

. . . . to sing your vocal lines from start to finish at performance tempo and with Fran's piano accompaniment

For the next 3-4 rehearsals, the most imminent goal we have before us is the above. If you have not sung all 3 songs independently, on your own, with the piano accompaniment at rehearsal tempo, this must be your goal to achieve by mid-April. Please rehearse outside of Tuesday so you can achieve this marker.

Rehearsal goals - what to practice

  • Practice getting pitches from the accompaniment for entrances

  • Rehearse all divisi parts - that is, soprano 1 and 2 individual parts; alto 1 & 2 individual parts; also T1 & 2, B1 & 2

  • In home rehearsals, suggest moving toward use of Fran's piano accompaniment

  • Gauge where singers are in part proficiency:

  • Struggling to maintain a consistent vocal line

  • Moderately confident with occasional dips & drops in vocal line

  • Confident and independent

  • Craft rehearsal around sections in the music that address the above

  • Tuesday, April 6 is TB at VOS; SA in home venues

  • Tuesday, April 13 is Chamber Choir at VOS; NO HOME VENUES - choristers are expected to use this time to rehearse and review at home

  • Tuesday, April 20 to be determined

Men, we will continue to sing in quintets with the goal of improved independence and vocal confidence from each singer. I will be focusing on mixing TB together as we did last week.

IFC Social Outings with 'the conductor'

I have sincerely enjoyed the 3 opportunities I've had to meet with IFC members to visit, chat, walk, and talk about life and family. You are such a lovely and diverse chorus. We have one more opportunity, Thursday, 8 April, 7:00 pm for an evening meal. Let's fill up this event. See the WhatsApp group for the Doodle link to sign up, or ask Alexandra to re-send.

I look forward to Tuesday!

Musically yours,


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