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Rehearsal #4 - Mar. 16

Dear Friends,

Ladies of the soprano and alto section, congratulations on a well-focused rehearsal last Tuesday. I felt that you made solid progress toward our goal of confidence and independence during our first rehearsal of phase 2. I so enjoyed meeting new choristers and others from the home group venues!

Tenors and basses, judging from the reports and visuals of your home group meetings, you were also productive in your rehearsals. Well done! Let's keep this going!

Phase 2 goal -

. . . . to sing your vocal lines from start to finish at performance tempo and with Fran's piano accompaniment

Even if you feel you know the music, ask yourself these diagnostic questions to ensure individual accuracy in your preparation:

  1. Am I breathing at indicated places of the phrase?

  2. Am I NOT breathing where the notes instruct?

  3. Are my rhythms accurate and following the score?

  4. How are my pitches? Am I secure on finding every pitch?

  5. Am I aware of dynamics and applying them as indicated?

  6. Am I singing with a round and full 'choral' sound or is the sound of my tone closed, pinched, or thin?

  7. Can I do the above at performance tempo and with the piano accompaniment?

Action items for next rehearsal

  • Be early to be on time - I can't stress this enough - room set-up & check -in procedures take time

  • Place your music in a binder / folder / file for best organization

  • Have a pencil/marker

  • Practice singing with your voice part recordings

  • Links to demo recordings and voice part recordings have been shared by section leaders and also in the previous 2 blogs

  • Don't just practice text, rhythm & pitches, but the DETAILS of the music, such as dynamics, phrasing, breath marks, and articulations

At some point in the future, we will resume singing as a full ensemble. I so look forward to that time and the opportunity to work with you in a 'normal' rehearsal setting. However, until that time presents, we have a unique opportunity to work on our individual musicianship and I want to take advantage of that.

During this time of quintet singing, I believe we can develop a keen awareness of strengths and weaknesses as choristers.

  • What are my strengths?

  • What are my weaknesses?

  • What part of the music comes easy for me?

  • What is challenging and what requires more effort for me?

  • What technical aspect needs my attention? (rhythm, breath support, pitching, pronunciation, dynamics, etc.?)

Awareness of our strengths and weaknesses as choristers can only help us improve our singing. And I assume every IFC member is keen to do this! I am certainly keen to help develop your skills. So let's work together so that by the end of this season we can actually be a stronger choral ensemble than we were last year.

I look forward to Tuesday!

Musically yours,


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