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Rehearsal #3 - Mar. 9

Dear Friends,

As we enter phase 2 of our rehearsals, our rehearsal focus shifts from introductory learning to individual mastery. This means by the end of this phase each IFC member should be confident and independent on your vocal line. Your goal is to sing your vocal lines from start to finish at the performance tempo and with Fran's piano accompaniment.

How to accomplish this?

Q: How do you run a marathon?

A: One stride at a time.

It's the same with acquisition of vocal skills. Small steps get you there. Over the next several weeks, we will work in SA (soprano-alto) and TB (tenor-bass) sections at VOS and in home groups. It is my hope that engaging only two sections at VOS will allow us to focus on developing the independence and confidence we don't yet have. We will spend more time on each passage and give more attention to detail with each group of singers up front. I am convinced this process will bring 90% of the chorus to a place of recording readiness for May.

This week I will be working with the sopranos and altos at VOS to really get into the details of each passage. I look forward to this phase of our learning!

Expectations - How to prepare for this phase of rehearsals

Some might say, "I got this - I already know the music." If so - GREAT! However, ask yourself these questions as you rehearse over the next few weeks:

  1. Am I breathing at indicated places of the phrase?

  2. Am I NOT breathing where the notes instruct?

  3. Are my rhythms accurate and following the score?

  4. How are my pitches? Am I secure on finding every pitch?

  5. Am I aware of dynamics and applying them as indicated?

  6. Am I singing with a round and full 'choral' sound or is the sound of my tone closed, pinched, or thin?

  7. Can I do the above at performance tempo and with the piano accompaniment?

A few may be at this place already, but I imagine most are not yet. So, this will be the goal for the next phase of our rehearsals. I would ask home venue leaders also do their best to support the above rehearsal goals as you work with your singers. Tenors and basses particularly can all be together in one location and exclusively focus on your parts. That's exciting!

Action items for next rehearsal

Last week was a pleasant, relaxed, and productive rehearsal at VOS! It was so enjoyable. This week, we will welcome a new batch of choristers. Please remember the following to have a successful rehearsal:

  • Arrive early to be on time - at VOS, time is lost with check-in procedures

  • Have a pencil

  • How to find VOS in Adelphi - HERE is the directional guide once you arrive at the Adelphi building

  • Work on learning your parts on your own at home using the piano practice tracks

  • Part & accompaniment tracks HERE; reference recordings HERE

  • Continue to practice mutual respect, understanding and kindness to one another

  • Vocal warm-up: For those wanting to do some vocal warm-up, here is a YT LINK

Your section leader will advise on the roster for each rehearsal venue. If you haven't already heard from your section leader, you will soon.

I look forward to Tuesday!

Musically yours,


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