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Rehearsal #2 - Mar. 2

Dear Friends,

Kudos for an excellent rehearsal Tuesday night! Highlights include:

  • Many choristers arrived early, before 7:30 start time

  • New members were present

  • Observers were present to check us out

  • All 3 pieces have been introduced & rehearsed

  • Home venue rehearsals are proving to be very productive

  • Tenor & bass sections are showing a strong vocal presence

Looking forward & setting expectations

The rehearsal plan for this season generally looks like this:

  • Phase 1 - introduction & learning of repertoire; 3-4 weeks

  • Phase 2 - developing independence & confidence; 7-8 weeks

  • Phase 3 - mastery of individual parts & recording; 3-4 weeks

In phase 1, all singers should be achieving familiarity of each piece. This means having the ability to speak the text in rhythm and then sing your pitches with relative accuracy at a slow tempo. With phase 2, choristers are developing progressive vocal confidence and independence on each piece. This means having the ability to sing the text with accurate rhythms and accurate pitches at current rehearsal tempos. Is perfection expected? No. But in this phase, singers should be increasing their accuracy on the basics - rhythm & pitch + text - and ADDING the precision of breath marks, dynamics, and articulations in the music. In phase 3, all choristers should be at a place of independence with their vocal line on all repertoire and can confidently sing their line with the piano accompaniment provided by Fran. In this phase, choristers will either record their portions at home or at VOS in groups.

Feedback & rehearsal improvements

The IFC committee is in constant communication with one another and we meet each Saturday to review rehearsal practice and plan future rehearsals. This committee of officers, section leaders, and members work hard for you! We have 2 rehearsals behind us and our goal is to continue to improve rehearsal practice and productivity as much as possible in subsequent weeks.

Here are a few initiatives for upcoming rehearsals

  • No sharing of pen/pencil for temperature taking - use your own

  • Reduce the number of singers at VOS & open another home venue

  • Increased spacing of chairs at VOS

  • Rotation of singers in 15-25 minute intervals between studio A and B

  • March 16 rotate singers in home venues to VOS and vice versa

  • Take a mid-rehearsal pause around 8:30 for announcements & admin

  • Continue to monitor SMM and encourage best practice

Please remember when practicing with the singers up front, to speak your parts but do not hum or sing. I recognize this can be challenging, but we must do this to follow safe management measures and create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. The pandemic is still with us. It's no fun, but we must continue to follow the practices required by VOS so we can have this wonderful privilege of rehearsing together. I ask you for your cheerful efforts to follow these requirements.

I am excited about the rehearsals ahead! Progress is being made and I'm hearing some very good sounds from you. Keep up your efforts!

Action items for next rehearsal

Success can be complex but sometimes it is simple. To have successful rehearsals, I would ask choristers to follow through with the following:

  • Using the piano tracks provided, please work on learning your parts on your own at home

  • Arrive early to be on time - at VOS, time is lost with check-in procedures

  • Have a pencil

  • Part & accompaniment tracks HERE; reference recordings HERE

  • Continue to practice mutual respect, understanding and kindness to one another

  • Vocal warm-up: For those wanting to do some vocal warm-up, here is a YT LINK

Specific passages we will rehearse:

Storm is Passing Over

  1. p. 2-3 all divisi parts

  2. p. 6-8 divisi parts in S-A-T-B

  3. p. 9-11 review divisi & parts

We Rise Again

  1. p. 8-11 review modulation chorus

  2. p. 6-7 review rehearsal E

Ain't Gonna Let Nobody

  1. p. 3-4 review unison chorus

  2. p. 5-6 review SATB chorus

  3. p. 13-14 review unaccompanied part

I look forward to seeing you Tuesday!

Musically yours,


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