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Rehearsal #15 - June 1

Dear Friends,

We are DONE! Congratulations for bringing the most unique and challenging IFC season in history to positive closure. I would venture to say that no IFC season in our 46-year history has had the exclusive circumstances you have faced. And you have arrived at this point of completion with a sense of accomplishment and triumph. What have we accomplished you ask?

Our season accomplishments . . .

  • Expressions of the Soul Virtual Performance video (a significant achievement!)

  • Established some new choral disciplines

  • Adjusted to a new rehearsal venue

  • Learned a new and unique set of repertoire

  • Resumed relationship building among choristers following 2020 lockdown

  • Broke in and trained a new music director 😉

These are significant achievements in my opinion. Ones upon which we will continue to build in our next season, and hopefully soon, a season with en masse singing. As your conductor, I would like to share some personal observations.

  • Your IFC Committee are outstanding leaders - they take initiative, are professional in attitude, kind in their demeanor, and eager in their approach to tasks; they take on the work of the chorus joyfully, without hesitation or complaint; they are a joy to serve with, and help me to focus on my role as music director

  • IFC has a tremendous potential - seriously, I don't say this lightly or glibly, but I believe the quality of this ensemble is excellent already and has the potential to be a significant choral presence on the island

  • Two factors comprise our current choral strength - 1) there are many long-term singers/musicians in the ensemble who are committed choristers and significantly contribute to the core sound; yet, 2) the presence of 'new blood' and those with new vocal energy and enthusiasm are a great benefit to IFC and infuse the ensemble with beautiful new tone colors and timbres; new voices always are a benefit to long-standing music groups

  • Our men's section is strong and vibrant - with 13 tenors and basses, we are capable of meeting and keeping a reasonable choral balance in repertoire from most periods; I'm confident our tenors and basses will grow over the next season

  • There is a genuine sense of music family - In your mission statement you have said you are a 'musical sanctuary and a home away from home'; I have seen this firsthand as we have gathered the past 14 weeks; members show fondness, caring, and interest for one another; there is a sense that each person is important to the collective; IFC is a place of nurture and belonging

  • I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to conduct for you - Last year as I was considering my professional involvements in 2020, I felt led to take on another conducting and leadership position, but wondered what and where that might be; IFC has been that answer and opportunity for me, and I am very thankful for this unique place to use my skill sets

  • We should prepare for growth - as word spreads about the positive experience in IFC, musically, relationally, and emotionally, we will welcome new and returning members; that's going to be exciting!

Significant Information . . .

Summer workshops - Please register your interest in the proposed summer workshops. I'd like to have 20 or more in each fortnightly session. Next to conducting, my training and love is as a music educator. I will make our sessions as informative, interactive, and interesting as possible. My goal will be to create sessions which are informative, practical and grow members in their music skills.

So, please click on the link below to indicate your choices for the summer workshops. Workshops will be on Tuesdays, June 15, 29, and July 13, 27, 7:30-9:00 pm, with three tiers of options:

  • Basic - beginner or limited understanding of notation, clefs, staff; doesn't read music notes, signs or symbols or Italian terms

  • Intermediate - has some knowledge of notation, signs & symbols, Italian terms, and notation

  • Advanced - is very familiar with music notation, signs & symbols, Italian terminology and usually has several years of singing experience

We will offer the workshops that receive the most votes. Guests outside of IFC are invited to participate if you wish to invite friends. Sessions are virtual so please register to attend! It will be fun and satisfying connecting online during the (U.S.) summer.

IFC Summer Workshops 2021 - click on link and indicate your interest

Video recordings - Submission of video files is closed. Our video technician has finished We Rise Again and is working on Ain't Gonna Let Nobody. The three songs will be contained in one consecutive video in the order, We Rise Again, The Road Not Taken, Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around. We expect the finished product to be ready about the time of our first workshop mid-June.

Chamber Choir The Road Not Taken - UPDATE


  2. ALL Chamber Choir singers are invited/requested to submit their audio recording from home as stated in last week's rehearsal blog

  3. If you recorded at VOS on May 25, please RE-SUBMIT since the recordings were not our best

  4. You must submit your audio using the instructional video

  5. For accuracy, use your music and sing while holding the music

  6. Here is the link: Instructional Video The Road Not Taken

  7. Practice several times with the instructional video before recording

  8. Upload your video/audio file here: Chorister Audio

  9. Naming convention: FirstnameLastname_Title

  10. Example: TomAnderson_RoadNotTaken

  11. Deadline: Sunday, 6 June if possible. If you need an extension let your SL know

  12. Do not edit, shorten, or add effects to your audio - send as is; we will do the editing!


  14. ALL Chamber Singers are invited/requested to submit ONE, color, portrait orientation, photo of yourself (unmasked!)

  15. It should be a full front, waist-up photo

  16. You should be wearing the bright-colored attire you wore or would have worn in our filming session

  17. The video portion of The Road Not Taken will be the video footage taken on 25 May and 1 June with masks

  18. During the credit roll of Chamber Choir at the end, we will put up the still photos you submit

  19. No Apple HEIC formats please, JPEG HD is best.

  20. Deadline: Sunday, 6 June

  21. Upload your photo here: ChamberChoir_PhotoFiles

IFC Rehearsal Blog - I will resume my weekly blog in August when we resume rehearsals. Until then, chorus communication will take place through our WhatsApp chats and/or email. Johanna, Barb and Dave are faithfully yours for questions that arise during our summer break.

See you soon - I look forward to our first Tuesday online workshop!

Musically yours,


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