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Rehearsal #14 - May 25

Updated: May 31

Dear Friends,

We are nearly at the end of this memorable season! We have ONE more session to go before we conclude our Spring 2021 Season. I'm still excited about this virtual choir project and look forward to the final stages of production.

Below are final details pertinent to all choristers. Again, please read carefully and direct questions to your faithful SLs (section leaders).

Summer workshops - Below is a Google Form to survey your interest in the summer workshops we are proposing. They look really good! Please indicate your choices. Workshops are scheduled for four Tuesday evenings in June-July with three tiers of options - basic, intermediate, and advanced. Indicate your choices and we will offer the workshops that receive the popular vote. Music friends outside of IFC are invited to participate if you wish to invite friends. Sessions are virtual at this point so you may participate from the comfort of your home. Please register to attend! It will be a positive learning experience and an opportunity to increase skills in an area of your choosing. Plus, connecting online will be fun and satisfying!

IFC Summer Workshops 2021 - click on link and indicate your interest

Video recordings

At this point we are receiving no more video files. Our video technician, Andrea, is now completing the final edits on each song and I am previewing the production drafts. I am very pleased so far with the product but there is still work to do to make them ready for publishing.

Chamber Choir audio - UPDATE

Last week on May 25, Andrea took video footage of the entire ensemble. We were 'fake singing' to stay within the limits of Covid SMMs. This week, June 1 Chamber Choir will again meet at VOS for a second round of video filming. Again, we will 'sing along' (fake sing) with the reference recording for The Road Not Taken. Andrea will then merge these 2 video takes into ONE video for this song. Our audio will be comprised of the submissions made last week and this week. However, there is a change in the audio recordings for The Road Not Taken.

  1. Chamber Choir singers will submit their audio recording from home

  2. We will again produce an instructional video to guide you how to record

  3. Instructional video will be ready by Wednesday, June 2

  4. The instructional video will have instructions and piano accompaniment, but will not cue your lyrics - you will record while holding your music

  5. We are producing a new reference recording that will play the SATB voice parts of The Road Not Taken

  6. For increased clarity, I will conduct on the instructional video

  7. Choristers will sing with their music while following the conducting and piano accompaniment to record

  8. Then you will submit your audio file in the same way you have submitted the video files

  9. Instructions are below

Final Recording Session reminders for Chamber Choir - 1 June #4

  1. This session is Chamber Choir only

  2. Arrive by 7:15 pm at VOS

  3. Session will be about 1 hour until 8:30 pm

  4. Recording only The Road Not Taken

  5. Videographer will be present to film 2nd segment of Chamber Choir

  6. Wear THE SAME CLOTHES you wore on 25 May

  7. The 2 video takes will be merged together as if one session

  8. Bring your music even though we aren't actually singing.

  9. We will observe all SMM requirements - we will not rehearse or sing as a group; film only

  10. We will place singers in the same location as you stood last week

  11. If there are new attendees Tuesday night - you are welcome! We will place you in the ensemble to accommodate new attendees

  12. Audio recording: to be recorded from home as per the instructional video

  13. Increased accuracy: Hopefully this process will increase our accuracy and allow choristers to PRACTICE multiple times to get the timing right and 'feel' of each phrase before recording

  14. Audio files must be named as follows:

  15. FirstnameLastname_Title

  16. Example: TomAnderson_RoadNotTaken

  17. Upload to this folder: Chorister Audio

  18. Do not edit, shorten, or add effects to your audio - send as is; we will do the editing!

  19. Due date: Sunday, June 6

See you soon - I look forward to Tuesday!

Musically yours,


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