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Rehearsal #13 - May 18

Dear Friends,

Last week we successfully completed the recording of our tenors and basses. We are almost finished with the audio portion of our project. Now, we have only to record the Chamber Choir audio (and video) parts this Tuesday and next.

COVID precautions . . .

This Tuesday we will proceed with our AGM after investigative calls to ROS, consultation with VOS, and deliberation among the IFC Committee. We have 29 confirmed attendees, but would like to have our quorum of 30 if you are able to attend but have not replied. You may indicate your attendance below. We would like to complete the constitutional business at hand that can only be completed with the ROS-required quorum.

To assure safety at the AGM this Tuesday, you can expect the following:

  • Members will be allocated across the 2 studios to increase social distancing

  • We will broadcast Zoom to studio 33 for attendees there to participate

  • We will clean chair surfaces before your arrival

  • There will be minimal need for talking - raising of hands will suffice to pass motions and approve business

  • All business matters have been sent to choristers, and no questions have been returned to our secretary, therefore minimizing the need for discussion

  • As a result, we can move directly to voting on our business at hand and dismiss promptly

  • We expect the AGM to last 20-30 minutes max

  • We will start promptly at 7:30 pm

We want our members to feel safe and comfortable at all IFC functions during COVID. If you are not comfortable coming out - for any reason - we support decisions for safety, health, and self-care. Please simply let your section leader know if you are not attending.

Important reminders from last week

  • Our final rehearsals may continue under the NAC guidelines for digital productions

  • See last week's IFCBlog to read the details about what is currently allowable

  • The NAC update advisory for digital productions is copied in my blog from last week

Video recordings - awaiting several submissions

Our Google Drive folders are filling up with your video files - thank you! There are still a few outstanding video files needed from choristers. If your video hasn't been submitted, please do so as soon as possible. Our video technician is actively working on files and he needs all files to complete each song. If you need assistance to make your video, ask your section leader.

Instructions to submit your video are UPDATED

  1. Watch the instructional video for each song

  2. You cannot submit your video without the instructional video - it is your teleprompter for lyrics and audio track all in one

  3. Watch the video once or more to be familiar with the instructions BEFORE you record

  4. Instructional video - Ain't Gonna Let Nobody

  5. Instructional video - We Rise Again

  6. If your recording session was May 4

  7. Submit your TWO video recordings by Saturday, 15 May

  8. Upload your mp4 files to this folder: May 4_video files

  9. If your recording session was May 11

  10. Submit your TWO video recordings by Sunday, 16 May

  11. Upload your mp4 files to this folder: May 11_video files

  12. If your recording session was May 18

  13. Submit your TWO video recordings by Sunday, 23 May

  14. Upload your mp4 files to this folder: May 18_video files

  15. NOTE: Chamber Choir IS NOT submitting individual videos

  16. Our video technician will film Chamber TWICE, on 25 May AND June 1

  17. May 25 - Chamber wear bright-colored tops similar to what you wore for the other 2 videos

  18. June 1 - Wear THE SAME CLOTHES because we will film Chamber a second time, then merge the 2 video takes together so it will appear as ONE session

  19. For our video, we will 'fake sing', AKA lip sync to the audio recording

  20. Videos should be recorded in LANDSCAPE orientation, not portrait

  21. Video files recommended resolution should be 1080p; frame rate 24fps

  22. Submit video as .mp4 rather than .MOV file; to do this, go to Settings>Camera>Formats>select 'most compatible' (not high efficiency)

  23. If you do not know how to check this, ask a teenager or your SL!

  24. Video files must be named as follows:

  25. May<date of recording>_FirstnameLastname_Title

  26. Example: May4_TomAnderson_Aintgonnaletnobody

  27. Example: May11_TomAnderson_Weriseagain

  28. Do not edit, shorten, or add effects to your video - send as is; we will do the editing!

  29. Please submit by your due date so our video technician can avoid processing 180 video files all in one week

Audio recording instructions

  1. Arrive on time as per the below schedule

  2. Bring your own earbuds or headphones for the recording session

  3. See THIS PHOTO sample for what you need, a wired 3.5mm connection

  4. Bluetooth, Airpods, wireless earbuds/headphones CANNOT be used for recording sessions - wired 3.5mm headsets only

  5. If you don't object to wearing equipment others have also used, IFC will provide headsets to wear during recording

  6. Ensure music is placed in a folder/file that allows silent page turns

  7. Remaining recording schedule:

  8. May 25 - AGM & Chamber Choir

  9. June 1 - Chamber Choir only

Recording schedule

1. 25 May - AGM & Chamber review rehearsal

  1. Please arrive by 7:20-7:25 pm

  2. Must have a minimum 30 members quorum as required by ROS

  3. Sign-up in advance: HERE is the GForm

  4. Following AGM, Chamber Choir members will stay back for rehearsal

  5. Audio recording: After rehearsal, we will attempt to complete 1 or more groups of 2

  6. Videographer will be present to film segments of Chamber Choir

  7. Chamber Choir should dress as per the video recording instructions

2. 1 June recording session #4 - Chamber Choir

  1. All Chamber Choir singers arrive by 7:15 pm

  2. Audio recording only The Road Not Taken

  3. Chamber sopranos: 5 groups of 2 will record one after the other

  4. Chamber altos: 4 groups of 2 will record one after the other

  5. Chamber tenors: 2 groups of 2 tenors

  6. Chamber basses: 2 groups of 2 basses

  7. Wear THE SAME CLOTHES you wore on 25 May

  8. Video technician will film a 2nd time the entire Chamber group present

  9. The 2 video takes will be merged together as if one session

Summer workshops - After the AGM, we will be sharing several interesting summer workshop offers and ask choristers to indicate their interest in one or more to attend. Workshops will be offered on a cost-recovery basis. We encourage members to engage in one or all four of the workshops we plan to offer. Time, location, presenter and cost will be included in the information disseminated.

IFC contributions - Our treasurer will be sharing details about our deficit this year as a result of a non-concert season. IFC could really use some free-will contributions to ease our losses this season.

We are nearly to the end of this challenging season. It has been exciting, different, unexpected, thrilling, disappointing, wonderful . . . . all at the same time! We expect our virtual choir project will be ready mid-June and we anticipate an excellent final product!

I look forward to Tuesday!

Musically yours,


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