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Rehearsal #12 - May 11

Dear Friends,

Again . . . SUCCESS! Our second batch of soprano / alto recordings went very well last Tuesday. We trimmed off 30 minutes time, even with 6 groups recording. At this point, the women have completed their recording sessions. Well done ladies!!

At this writing, I have just concluded two hours of editing with our audio technician. So far, the soprano and alto tracks are very high quality and sound great! Please read carefully - priority items are highlighted below.

What is currently allowable?

The IFC Committee and I are carefully monitoring the NAC advisories and are in constant communication with VOS to ensure our understandings are in line with VOS current practice. I have confirmed that we may proceed with our recording sessions as they are defined as a digital production. However, we must notify NAC of our proceedings. We have written to NAC and await their reply. At the moment, our Tuesday recording session with the tenors and basses STANDS. However, we can only record in groups of 2, unmasked. See below the excerpt from the latest NAC advisory.

From latest NAC advisory, May 14:

Updates for Digital Production

From 16 May through 13 Jun 2021, a maximum of 15 performers and crew are allowed on stage and backstage at any given time. This includes a maximum of 10 performers who can be unmasked at any given time. Of the 10 unmasked performers, no more than 2 may sing or play wind or brass instruments, at any given time. The same provisions apply to rehearsals with no audiences.

If there is a change and we are not allowed to meet this Tuesday, we will notify all tenors and basses immediately.

Video recording instructions for all singers - upload by the deadline please

Videos are starting to come in - thank you! If you need assistance to make your video, ask your section leader. I understand there are some help sessions being offered so that technologically-challenged members can complete this task. 😁

  1. Watch the instructional video for each song

  2. You cannot submit your video without the instructional video - it is your teleprompter for lyrics and audio track all in one

  3. Watch the video once or more to be familiar with the instructions BEFORE you record

  4. Instructional video - Ain't Gonna Let Nobody

  5. Instructional video - We Rise Again

  6. If your recording session was May 4

  7. Submit your TWO video recordings by Saturday, 15 May

  8. Upload your mp4 files to this folder: May 4_video files

  9. If your recording session was May 11

  10. Submit your TWO video recordings by Sunday, 16 May

  11. Upload your mp4 files to this folder: May 11_video files

  12. If your recording session is May 18

  13. Submit your TWO video recordings by Sunday, 23 May

  14. Upload your mp4 files to this folder: May 18_video files

  15. Chamber Choir recording session June 1:

  16. Submit your (one) video recording by Sunday, 7 June

  17. Upload your mp4 file to this folder: ChamberChoir_video files

  18. Videos should be recorded in LANDSCAPE orientation, not portrait

  19. Video files recommended resolution should be 1080p; frame rate 24fps

  20. Submit video as .mp4 rather than .MOV file; to do this, go to Settings>Camera>Formats>select 'most compatible' (not high efficiency)

  21. If you do not know how to check this, ask a teenager or your SL!

  22. Video files must be named as follows:

  23. May<date of recording>_FirstnameLastname_Title

  24. Example: May4_TomAnderson_Aintgonnaletnobody

  25. Example: May11_TomAnderson_Weriseagain

  26. Do not edit, shorten, or add effects to your video - send as is; we will do the editing!

  27. Please submit by your due date so our video technician can avoid processing 180 video files all in one week

Recording instructions

  1. Arrive on time as per the below schedule

  2. Bring your own earbuds or headphones for the recording session

  3. See THIS PHOTO sample for what you need, a wired 3.5mm connection

  4. Bluetooth, Airpods, wireless earbuds/headphones CANNOT be used for recording sessions - wired 3.5mm headsets only

  5. If you don't object to wearing equipment others have also used, IFC will provide headsets to wear during recording

  6. Ensure music is placed in a folder/file that allows silent page turns

  7. Remaining recording schedule:

  8. May 18 - Tenors + basses

  9. May 25 - AGM & Chamber Choir

  10. June 1 - Chamber Choir only

Recording schedule - UPDATED!

1. 18 May recording session #3 - Tenors & basses

  1. TENORS arrive by 7:10 pm if possible, 7:15 latest

  2. Tenor group 1: 2 T1

  3. Tenor group 2: 2 T2

  4. Tenor group 3: 2 T1-2 (tenors complete)

  5. BASSES arrive no later than 8:00 pm

  6. Bass group 1: 2 B1

  7. Bass group 2: 2 B2

  8. Bass group 3: 2 B1-2 (basses complete)

  9. You are dismissed after you record

  10. No sopranos or altos for this session

2. 25 May - AGM & review rehearsal

  1. Must have a minimum 30 members quorum as required by ROS

  2. Sign-up in advance: HERE is the GForm

  3. Following AGM, Chamber Choir members will stay back for rehearsal

  4. Audio recording: After rehearsal, we will attempt to complete 1 or more groups of 2

  5. Videographer will be present to film segments of Chamber Choir

  6. Chamber Choir should dress as per the video recording instructions

3. 1 June recording session #4 - Chamber Choir

  1. All Chamber Choir singers arrive by 7:15 pm

  2. Recording only The Road Not Taken

  3. Chamber sopranos: 5 groups of 2 will record one after the other

  4. Chamber altos: 4 groups of 2 will record one after the other

  5. Chamber tenors: 2 groups of 2 tenors

  6. Chamber basses: 2 groups of 2 basses

Looking ahead . . .

  1. AGM - Our LIVE meeting is still confirmed at VOS on Tuesday, May 25. Our secretary will notify all members if we must shift to virtual.

  2. Chamber members should be in attendance at the AGM so we can have a review rehearsal for our recording.

  3. Summer workshops - Are in process and will be shared with you after the AGM

  4. IFC contributions - please consider a contribution to close our deficit gap


Your section leader is your help desk - Johanna, Barb, and David are able to answer most questions. If not, I'm available to address uncertainties.

COVID setbacks . . . It is disconcerting to go backwards in the arts. We had one glorious month of singing together. However, I am very pleased we have the capability to complete our digital production. Therefore, please be rehearsed and ready for the remaining recording sessions. I am very confident we will complete a high quality digital product that we all can be proud of. So let's give the process our best until the very last recorded note!

I look forward to Tuesday!

Musically yours,


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