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Rehearsal #10 - April 27

Dear Friends,

Tuesday's rehearsal was excellent - well done! Now we shift to phase 3 for recording. There is a plethora of details to share with you so let's move on to important information you need to know for the next 5 weeks. Please read carefully.

Recording instructions

  1. Arrive on time as per the below schedule

  2. Bring your own earbuds or headphones for the recording session

  3. See THIS PHOTO sample for what you need, a wired 3.5mm connection

  4. Bluetooth, Airpods, wireless earbuds/headphones CANNOT be used for recording sessions - wired 3.5mm headsets only

  5. If you don't object to wearing equipment others have also used, IFC will provide headsets to wear during recording

  6. Ensure music is placed in a folder/file that allows silent page turns

  7. Ask your section leader for the date of your recording session

  8. Sopranos + altos are May 4 and 11

  9. Tenors + basses are May 18

  10. Chamber Choir is May 25 and June 1

Repertoire and end product

We are recording Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around and We Rise Again. These two songs will be produced as a single virtual choir video we will use for promotion of IFC and as our season concert. It will live on our website and be available for choristers to distribute to friends, family, and on social media. We are hiring professional audio and video technicians so we anticipate a high-quality end product. (that depends, of course, on the quality of our recordings!)

Schedule & additional details for the recording sessions

  1. 4 May recording session #1 - Sopranos + altos

  2. All singers arrive by 7:15 pm

  3. Each group will take approximately 30 mins to record 2 songs

  4. Soprano group 1: 6 sop1 (unmasked + masked singers)

  5. Soprano group 2: 4 sop2 (unmasked singers)

  6. Alto group 1: 4 alto1 (unmasked singers)

  7. Alto group 2: 7 alto2 (unmasked + masked singers)

  8. You are dismissed after your group records

  9. No tenors or basses for this session

  1. 11 May recording session #2 - Sopranos + altos

  2. All singers arrive by 7:15 pm

  3. Soprano group 1: 6 sop1 (unmasked + masked singers)

  4. Soprano group 2: 7 sop2 (unmasked + masked singers - sops complete)

  5. Alto group 1: 5 alto1 (unmasked singers)

  6. Alto group 2: 6 alto2 (unmasked + masked singers - altos complete)

  7. You are dismissed after your group records

  8. No tenors or basses for this session

  1. 18 May recording session #3 - Tenors & basses

  2. All singers arrive by 7:15 pm

  3. Tenor 1 group: 3 T1

  4. Tenor 2 group: 3 T2 (tenors complete)

  5. Bass group: 3 B1

  6. Bass group: 3 B2 (basses complete)

  7. You are dismissed after your group records

  8. No sopranos or altos for this session

  1. 25 May - AGM & review rehearsal

  2. Must have a minimum 30 members quorum as required by ROS

  3. Sign-up in advance: HERE is the GForm

  4. Following AGM, Chamber Choir members will stay back for rehearsal

  5. Videographer will be present to film segments of Chamber Choir

  6. Chamber Choir should dress as per the video recording instructions

  1. 1 June recording session #4 - Chamber Choir

  2. All Chamber Choir singers arrive by 7:15 pm

  3. Recording only The Road Not Taken

  4. There will be 2 takes - one recording in small groups below, plus one take as an ensemble

  5. Chamber soprano 1: 5 sop1

  6. Chamber soprano 2: 4 sop2

  7. Chamber altos: 8 altos (unmasked + masked)

  8. Chamber tenors: 4 tenors

  9. Chamber basses: 4 basses (B1 & B2 record together)

Important FAQs

  • Are recording groups ready?

  • Yes - your section leader has the list of who is recording each week

  • What if I'm absent at my appointed recording session?

  • Recording groups are fixed at this point

  • There is no alternate session for absentees

  • If you are absent for your scheduled recording session, you may still submit your video recording and be included in the project, but we cannot promise an open slot will be available to make up your missed session

  • Do I attend more than one Tuesday session?

  • IFC members have only one Tuesday recording session

  • You do not need to attend any Tuesday rehearsal except your recording date

  • Once your group has completed recording, you are dismissed

  • This doesn't apply to Chamber Choir singers

  • What if I don't have headphones/earbuds?

  • You may use a headset provided by IFC

  • Headsets have been used by others but will be cleaned in between each use

  • Which singers are masked and unmasked?

  • In recording groups with 6 or more singers, I have appointed 1-2 singers to sing with a mask

  • We have no choice but to require a few singers to use a mask since we are limited by SMM protocols for singing

  • Section leaders have the masked/unmasked assignments for each recording session

  • What about the video recording?

  • There will be an instructional video giving you instructions to complete your video recording

  • Video recordings will be completed in members' homes

  • Section leaders will send these instructions to each person by early next week

Critical points for success

  1. On-time arrival remains critical for our recording schedule

  2. Practice your vocal lines from start to finish at performance tempo with the piano accompaniment previously shared (links are below)

  3. Practice at home using your headsets so you are accustomed to this process at recording time

  4. Practice to a point of near-memorization so familiarity is as high as possible

  5. Part & accompaniment tracks HERE; reference recordings HERE

  6. PRACTICE at home, practice, practice . . . . 😁

Looking ahead . . .

Summer workshops are in the works. We have created a list of potential workshops of interest. I ask you to complete the interest survey that you will receive in the next 2 weeks. We have four workshop dates, each 2 weeks apart, spanning the summer. We will go with a simple majority of the top 4 workshops you indicate you'd like to take. Sessions will be led by myself and other local professionals. Registration fees will be modest and cost-recovery only.

Voluntary contributions solicited

In a usual season, IFC receives sufficient profit on ticket sales and members' registrations to cover our seasonal costs and keep us in the black. Our treasurer reported that we have a $9K deficit this season. We have a healthy bank balance to meet all our financial responsibilities, but the IFC Committee decided to bring the deficit to your attention to seek corporate sponsorships and private, individual contributions to help offset this unique season without a concert.

Corporate sponsors will be highlighted in our video production. Individual contributors may donate anonymously or be listed in the virtual choir video credit roll. Kim Klein is our IFC treasurer and can answer questions and provide details about any and all contributions. Please consider helping IFC with an additional contribution this season. Thank you!


Your section leader is your help desk - Johanna, Barb, and David are able to answer most questions. If not, our trusty WhatsApp group will get you an answer promptly.

This is it! We are now entering the recording phase and I'm quite excited about the four sessions ahead! Please remember the basic preparation guidelines above. They remain critical for success up to the last moment.

I look forward to Tuesday!

Musically yours,


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