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Rehearsal #1 - Feb. 23

Dear Friends -

This is the first of several weekly blogs I will write for IFC. My purpose is to share with choristers important rehearsal information, reflections and inspiration. I hope to create a communication channel that you will read weekly and find enjoyable and illuminating.

Contents may include:

  • observations about rehearsal

  • instructional guidance for improving our musicianship

  • technical instructions

  • language issues

  • important announcements

  • humor and/or inspirational items of interest

Reflections on our first rehearsal

First, allow me to thank you for registering to join this season of IFC - WELCOME! Though it's not yet 'choir as usual', it is definitely an improvement on last year's situation. With your patience and good will, this is going to be a great season!

Tuesday was an excellent start! Members were glad to see one another, be together, and once again SING! Since rehearsal, the IFC committee and I have received overwhelming positive comments and affirmations from the members. Thank you for your feedback - keep it coming.

Positive highlights from rehearsal were . . .

  • most members were early and on time at 7:30

  • SMM (safe management measures) were observed cheerfully & without complaint

  • Nearly 100% of attending singers had the opportunity to sing at least once with others

  • We rehearsed 2 of our 3 pieces

  • Tech issues were relatively minimal and minor

  • Most singers who RSVP'd for the rehearsal were in attendance

  • There were a lot of accurate notes and sounds!

Instructions for next rehearsal

For next week's rehearsal, would you please continue or start doing the following:

  • Be certain your music is prepared, printed, and placed in a folder, 2-ring binder, or other music-holding notebook

  • Have a pencil to mark your score

  • Practice the music at home - listen to the reference recordings and use the part tracks to learn your part (part & accompaniment tracks HERE; reference recordings HERE)

  • Notify your section leader (SL) no later than Monday if you cannot make rehearsal, especially necessary if your appointed venue is VOS, since we pay for this space

  • Arrive early to be on time - at VOS and home venues also

  • Be patient with SMM requirements

Special considerations for these times

I especially ask you to be mindful, respectful, and considerate of one another in regards to safe management measures (SMM). Many of you know that these measures are the standards that all F&B, entertainment, hotel, business and concert venue hosts must submit to regulatory bodies to receive approval for events, meetings, and resumption of business. IFC must submit to these measures as required by our venue host, Voices of Singapore (VOS). Therefore, we must take temperatures, wipe & disinfect chairs, avoid mingling, and only sing in groups of 5.

It is also very important that we minimize social frustrations that may result when individuals sing along with those up front, or hum along audibly. I would like to avoid 2 situations from developing: 1) we don't want to lose our venue due to non-compliance issues; and, 2) we don't want to lose members due to discomfort caused by unsafe practice during rehearsal. Therefore, please respect one another and our VOS host through compliance with singing limitations so we can enjoy the privilege of rehearsing together this season. Thank you.

I so enjoyed meeting IFC members as your new conductor! And I was also thrilled to see choristers from previous conducting ventures! This is going to be an exciting adventure together. I look forward to seeing you Tuesday!

Musically yours,


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