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Italy Tour 2025


Venice, Italy

Travel Dates:
Between 29 March - 6 April 2025


Arriving before, or staying after the concert dates are possible


S$2300 estimated, land arrangements only

Covers: 4-star hotel, transfers, room & board

Doesn't cover: Airfare

A cappella pieces from current/previous seasons + new material


Concert venue:
Exploring 2 churches in Venice - St. Mark's Basilica, St. George's Anglican Church


Basic Assumptions

  1. 5 nights stay minimum

  2. Assuming 26 participants for now - up to 40 are possible

  3. Potential partnership with Western Australia University Chorale in Perth

  4. Non-singing participants are welcome and invited

  5. Breakfast covered daily

  6. 3 organised meals for group provided (lunch or dinner)

  7. Travelers provide meals other days

  8. Sightseeing activity - boat ride down the Grand Canal, followed by guided walk around the St. Mark Basilica district with visit to the Basilica

  9. Reservations open Sept-Oct 2024 - deposit required

Questions or interest?  
Contact us at


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