Our Team


“If everyone started off the day singing, just think how happy they’d be.”
Lauren Myracle


The International Festival Chorus (Singapore) is governed by a Committee of volunteers from within the Chorus, under the musical direction of our Artistic Director.


The Chorus consists of singers from varying backgrounds, diverse nationalities, and with a range of musical skills and experiences. Many of our members are actively involved in our performances and rehearsals: leading each of our sections (soprano, alto, tenor, bass), stage management, décor, design, ticket sales, organising social events, email administration, photography and several other roles that are integral to making our concerts enjoyable for our audiences and for ourselves. The Chorus has also had the pleasure of collaborating with fine conductors, musicians and ensembles throughout its history.





Music Director: Chong Wai Lun

President: Amanda Corfe

Vice President: Inga Middel

Secretary: Kathy Beach

Treasurer: Anna Yunjung An

General Member: Jean-Michel Bardin

General Member: Christina de Vaz

Chong Wai Lun

Music Director

Chong Wai Lun

Francesca Lee

Répétiteur & Concert Pianist

Francesca Lee

Amanda Corfe

Inga Middel
Vice President

Barbara Olafson

Anna Yunjung An

Jean-Michel Bardin
General Member

Christina de Vaz
General Member

Dominic Monteiro
Website/Email Admin

Kathy Beach
Section Leader, Soprano

Barbara Olafson
Section Leader, Alto

Paul D'Souza
Section Leader, Tenor

Keith Beach
Section Leader, Bass