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Spotlight on IFC’s James Félix

Spotlight on IFC’s James Félix

Spotlight on IFC’s James Félix

Discover something interesting about James Félix, the IFC’s Assistant Conductor, and what he can’t say no to.

If you had a world-class chef make you any dish you want, what would it be?
Saltinbocca alla Romana.


Pick one: world domination or world peace
Domination — that way I can command world peace, and have all the perks of being in power too. But as a conductor I’m clearly power-mad anyway.


What are your favourite smells?
Freshly-cut grass, frying bacon, and Laphroaig whiskey (a very smokey, peaty whiskey from the Isle of Islay).


Pick one: a day at the spa, or a day-long shopping spree
Shopping — could spend the whole day just buying bass guitars!


Who’s the one person with whom you’d want to be stuck in an elevator?
Either Al Pacino or Cardinal Sean O’Malley, the Archbishop of Boston.


Pick one: movie marathon or TV marathon.
TV — Scrubs, Kingdom Hospital, Two and a Half Men, and Family Guy.


What’s an offer you can’t refuse?
“Would you like another papadum, sir?”

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