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Spotlight on IFC’s Hsin Ching

Spotlight on IFC’s Hsin Ching

Spotlight on IFC’s Hsin Ching

Discover something interesting about Hsin Ching, one of the IFC’s sopranos — and find out who her alter-ego is!

For how long can you hold your breath?
I’ve never really tried to time myself before, but I just did. First try, 1 min. 35 sec.


Pick one: a day at the spa, or a day-long shopping spree.
My list of things to shop for isn’t that long, neither am I enthusiastic about spending my time running my feet sore and waking up the next morning with a backache, so spa it is.


What are your favourite smells?
In no particular order: the earth after the rain, cement (You know those long echo-ey flights of staircases in shopping malls? The clean ones? Yes.), the lifts in Parkway Parade (the smell hasn’t changed in 20 years), my favourite food cooking, bakeries, hotel towels…


You’re being sent to a deserted island for five years, and you can only bring three music albums to listen to. Which three would they be?
None. There would be no electricity to power the player. And if there were power, I’d probably need to use it for other purposes. Besides, there’s no guarantee I’d be able to find adequate shelter to keep the albums (and player) dry and shielded from the elements.


Pick one: hot tub or swimming pool.
Most definitely a swimming pool. Who wants to be confined in a tiny tub when you can have all that expanse? And if you really want a hot tub, fill the pool with warm water and eat some garlic just before entering.


What scares you most?
It’s either cockroaches or injections, I can’t decide. The Cockroach is a recurring theme in my worst and most memorable nightmares. On the other hand, it took three nurses to hold me down for the compulsory jab when I was in Primary 6.


Who’s your superhero alter ego?
The Screaming Siren. When The Cockroach is spotted, The Screaming Siren leaps into action, calling forth the power within that emerges as her shrill emergency cry. The cry precedes her precipitous flight from the scene, raven black hair streaming wildly behind her as her flailing hands knock any innocent bystanders out of the way. The Screaming Siren also makes her appearance during injections…

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