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Spotlight on IFC’s Deepa Vijayan

Spotlight on IFC’s Deepa Vijayan

Spotlight on IFC’s Deepa Vijayan

Discover something interesting about Deepa, the IFC’s Vice President.

If you could choose one completely impractical dream to follow for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Sail around the world on a ship, not one of those sleek little yachts but a proper, big ship with sails and everything (and powered by clean energy to minimize my environmental footprint). I’d spend a few months at each port exploring inland, then return to my ship to sail off again, and spend endless days at sea sitting on deck and reading.


Pick one: world domination or world peace.
World domination, because I’m sure I could achieve world peace — and I can make people learn how to use apostrophes correctly and cause all the mischief I want to!


What are two of your favourite possessions?
My Kindle and my current Moleskine — without which all my best (and worst) ideas would dissipate into nothingness.


What are your favourite smells?
Chanel Number 19. Coffee. Sandalwood incense. Books. Champak flowers on a warm night. The approaching rain. Fresh lavender. Eucalyptus trees, a wood fire and a tinge of diesel on a the platform of a mountain railway.


What’s an offer you can’t refuse?
“Would you like to dance?”

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