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Spotlight on IFC’s Christiane Hein

Spotlight on IFC’s Christiane Hein

Spotlight on IFC’s Christiane Hein

Get to know Christiane Hein, and why she had Brandon Walsh on her wall as a teenager.

You’re being sent to a deserted island for five years, and you can only bring three music albums to listen to. Which three would they be?

  1. Buona Vista Social Club — for dreaming under the palm trees
  2. French Cafe — I just love French music, cannot go without
  3. My favourite all in one CD — created on my own with music for dancing in the sand

What’s always in your fridge, aside from ice and water?
Nothing. My fridge is almost  empty. I love to eat outside: hawker or restaurant or a friend’s kitchen doesn’t matter… My favourite breakfast: Toast with kaya at Toastbox.

Many of us had posters of celebrities on our walls when we were teenagers. What’s the most embarrassing one you’ve ever had — the one that makes you cringe now? 
Jason Priestley. Can anyone remember him? He is best known as the Brandon Walsh on the television series Beverly Hills, 90210. My friend always found the cool Luke Perry the more interessting one — but, don’t know why, my hero was  the soft and babyfaced Brandon.

Describe your ideal ice cream sundae (assume that calories don’t matter).
Chocolate Ice-Cream with Kit-Kat. You can get it at Marble Slab Creamery. In my dream there is in addition some whipped cream on top and warm, melting chocolate sauce.

Pick one: a day at the spa, or a day-long shopping spree.
Definitly it’s the day at the spa. A good massage is the best I can get. Except my feet — I’m too ticklish.

By what nickname would you love people to know you?
When I was a kid, I always fought against any kind of nickname done with my name — Chris, Chrissie, Iane. Nothing for me. But my dad always called me princess — which girl doesn’t like that! But the nicest nickname comes from my husband: he always calls me “sun” — friendly, shining, bright. How beautiful for me!

Pick one: movie marathon or TV marathon.
Movie marathon! I simply love movies in the cinema. Dreaming in other worlds. In my student times there was a cinema which had, every Friday night, a movie night: Three movies in a row. So great!