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Reducing neck and jaw tension while singing

Reducing neck and jaw tension while singing

Reducing neck and jaw tension while singing

If you’ve felt muscle tension, soreness or stiffness around your neck and jaw after or while you’re singing, you’re not alone. This common complaint doesn’t just prevent you from sounding your best, it can also lead to vocal damage over time.

There are some simple things you can do, however, to free your voice from this habit, and sing with greater agility and confidence. So we’ve put together some web resources that explain the whys, hows and whats of reducing jaw and neck tension.

1. VocalYoga

Practical tips and exercises that you can try anytime — try to incorporate them into your bedtime routine!


2. Singwise

An in-depth explanation of what causes jaw tension, along with exercises and anecdotes to address the issue.


3. Maryland Music Studio

Useful visualisation of what happens when you tense up, and what you can do.


4. Aussie Vocal Coach

Tension management exercises for the whole body, useful for a quick vocal warmup before you sing.


5. Voice and Opera

A single, simple jaw exercise that can comfortably fit into your life.


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