Our Philosophy


“If I cannot fly, let me sing.”
Stephen Sondheim


The fusion of music, internationalism and learning forms the cornerstone of the IFC. We are an adult, all-volunteer Chorus with a membership that spans nationalities, generations and professions — united by a passion for music and singing. 


The IFC is committed to sharing our love for music and choral singing with the community through two formal concerts a year and additional performances at private and public events.


Music for everyone.

Some of our members have had a lifetime of music and choral experience; others are only just beginning to discover the joy of singing. Whichever stage our members are experiencing in their personal musical journeys, the IFC is filled with enriching opportunities to learn and grow both as musicians and as individuals.


Learning and exploration.

We promote individual and ensemble musicianship by engaging our members with music education and training, meaning that both seasoned singers and beginners find room to grow and be inspired in the IFC. The Chorus constantly introduces new and diverse repertoire that develops the depth and breadth of its musical experiences, giving our members opportunities to experience multiple dimensions of choral music. As a social platform for international understanding and goodwill, the IFC has actively promoted lifelong music learning for the local and expatriate communities in Singapore.


Our objectives are:

• to promote music and choral singing with a focus on classical music and works
• to support lifelong learning and music education
• to create international goodwill and understanding