Music Learning


“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”
Victor Hugo


The IFC is committed to lifelong music learning, believing that music should be accessible to everyone who chooses to embrace it. These resources have been selected to support individuals at any level of music education.


While we endeavour to ensure that the links here are up to date and accurate, the resources and links in this page are external sites. The International Festival Chorus (Singapore) does not endorse any particular website and bears no responsibility for any content on any external site.




Rehearsal Resources


Christmas Concert 2017: Vivaldi Gloria

Gloria - Soprano

Gloria - Alto

Gloria - Tenor

Gloria - Bass

Explore Music


The History of Music

Good Music Guide


Choral Music

Choral Music Lessons and Tips

Choirs on Wikipedia


More Awesome Music

Get Into Classical

World Music


Perfect Your Pronunciation

Pronunciation Guide

Understand Music Theory


Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Classical Works

Naxos Education Glossary

ThinkQuest (Glossary)

Music Dictionary


Principles and Practice of Music Theory

Music Theory.Net

My Music Theory

ThinkQuest (Theory)


Reading Music

One Minute Music Lesson


Ear Training Exercise

Musical Mind

Play Music Games


Take A Walk


The Sound Walk

Music Games (The Sound Walk)


Repeat The Melody

Netrover (Repeat The Melody)


Music and Ear Training Games

Music Trainer