Francesca Lee

Répétiteur & Concert Pianist 

Francesca started piano lessons at an early age. She undertook vocal studies in her late teens, having decided to take up voice as her second instrument when she was admitted into the Music Elective Programme. She sustained Distinctions for both Music and Higher Music each year and had the good fortune of getting involved in masterclasses by acclaimed musicians like pianist Toh Chee Hung, Singapore Symphony Orchestra's cellist Chan Wei Shing, and composer John Sharpley. Francesca went on to attain her LTCL in Piano Performance from the Trinity College of London and was awarded the international Hedy King Robinson Prize soon after.


In her tenth year on the professional stage, Francesca enjoys immersing herself in vocal repertoires and loves working with soloists and choirs alike, having performed at major art venues in Singapore, Hong Kong and Germany. Never restricting herself to any particular musical genre, she has been involved in various Singapore Lyric Opera productions as well as in jazz and musical gigs such as for the annual "L'apéritif à la française" (2012) and "Pink Beats", a charity concert for the Breast Cancer Foundation in Singapore. She plays regularly for mezzo-soprano Sabrina Zuber and French-Carribean jazz singer Andayoma, and has had the honour of performing with renowned singers such as Canadian mezzo-soprano Gabrielle Maes and American soprano Sharon Mendelssohn in their solo recitals. In the choral scene, she works closely with conductors Andayoma and Mrs Lim Yau and has worked with choirs such as the Metropolitan Youth Choir and the Singapore Symphony Children's Choir. Francesca has been Resident Pianist with the International Festival Chorus since 2004.


Her past major engagements include a three-month running project for the Christian Lacroix Exhibition with the Singapore National Museum and a vocal presentation paying homage to the late Maestro Luciano Pavarotti by Japanese lyrical soprano Satsuki Nagatome and American tenor Juan Jackson. She was also Music Director for the cabaretta (a new concept fusing cabaret and operetta) production "Belle Epoque Shanghaied", the second installment of the Belle Epoque series at the Esplanade last December.


In addition to being an accompanist and repetiteur, Francesca also instructs school choirs and debuted as conductor at the Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging for Choirs in 2009. She is currently also Assistant Conductor for "The Girls", an all-female French gospel choir made up of expatriates from the French community in Singapore. Francesca conducts vocal workshops for children from time to time and is a member of the Singapore Symphony Chorus, the performing choir of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

"Every moment of music-making is a cultural exchange amongst people from different walks of life and musical backgrounds; I constantly strive in my music to create a borderless sanctuary where music binds people, and we can all feel at home in no time."